Crazy-Ripped, or crazy AND ripped?

Its natural, right?So, I just checked my email, and I happen to see this advertisement. (The computer I’m on isn’t exactly high tech, so I took a screen cap and blanked everything else out.) Now, if you’re like me, then you want to be all hot and sexy for the masses. You want to beat them off with a stick. You want to be wanted. Well, its places like this where psuedoscience reigns, and believe me, when it reigns, it pours.

So, what are some of the signs that’s crazy? Well, look at the very bottom “results may vary”. That is a pretty dead give away. How about “natural”. This starts the “if it’s natural, it must be good for you”. Well, poo is natural, but, if you get it in your water, you can get….dysteria, I think it is…some really nasty germs.

I can’t honestly say that I never bought in to this. I used to. I admit it. All in the name of beauty. I saw that it was recommended by a doctor. Well, I realized, they never state what his specialty is. Would you see a pediatrist if you are having headaches? An ENT if you’re incognisant? A dentist if you’ve broken a bone? The answer to all these should be “NO”.

Oh, beauty. What a price we will pay just a little more of her grace. Ask Jenny McCarthy. She loves injecting what could be some of the worst toxins know to man in her face, all in the name of beauty. Just don’t put a vaccine anywhere near her child…it wouldn’t be pretty.


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