It’s Spreading

It started with just a few cases. As people began to look for it, it began to pop up in city after city. Now, it’s everywhere….

Am I talking about H1N1? While that is a good guess, I’m actually talking about the movie “Paranormal Activity”.

 PA is an ultra-low budget movie, trying to tap into the Blair Witch effect. That is, take a home camera, use it to film a horror movie where you don’t actually see anything, and let people scare themselves. This happened about 10 years ago with the Blair Witch Project, and it’s happening again.

I’ve not seen the movie, nor do I care to. It’s something I am devoutly opposed to. It’s the propogation of a myth that has stood the test of time. It’s scripted and fake. If it were true, I’d consider it. Just to see what kind of evidence they present. Unfortunately, this yarn is totally fiction, and the only truth behind it is that you’ll lose $10* and 1.5 hours of your life you’ll never get back.

Now, I’d like to say I’m not against movies about the paranormal in general. I’m considering see the Vampire’s Assistant. It’s fiction, it’s presented as fiction, and it will (hopefull) be fun.

*Your money lost may vary.


One Response to “It’s Spreading”

  1. perhapskay Says:

    I actually got free passes to see this movie and I threw them away. I value my time way too much.

    I agree… fiction should be dealt with as fiction!

    (Yay for the new blog btw!)

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