Coming out soon: An interview with NOGLSTOP: National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Science and Technical Professionals

Ok, here’s the skinny:

I’m a gay, skeptic. Being skeptical, its kinda science-friendly. I have a few big ideas focus on gay/science. One of which, I’m starting to pursue. Over the next days/weeks, I’ve have an email interview approved with Barbara Belmont, the Treasure of the National Organziation of Gay and Lesbian Science and Technical Professionals. You can learn more about them at To sum them up, they describe themselves as:

“…scientific and technical professionals who earn our livings in the fields of:
zoology biomedical engineering geography archeology neurobiology physics electrical engineering meteorology oceanography biochemistry psychobiology mathematics computer science epidemiology materials science microbiology environmental science linguistics chemistry geology mechanical enginering science education sociology astronomy botany molecular biology anthropology law aero space engineering science policy physiology ecology patent law health professions medical technology and more!”

Their goals include:

“Educate our community about scientific matters that directly affect our lifestyles or health

Educate the scientific community about LGBT issues in scientific research

Facilitate queer inclusivity within professional scientific societies through dialog and visibility

Work to eliminate queer phobia, sterotyping and discrimination by providing role models of successful LGBT scientific and technical professionals

Improve our members’ professional and employment environments by promoting written nondiscrimination policies for all companies, institutions of learning, and governmental agencies

Foster networking and mentoring among our members

Provide peer group support to members in a safe environment

Foster debate and exploration within the scientific community in order to understand the impact of science on society, and of society on science and scientists

Disseminate information on workplace diversity management, homophobia, employment discrimination, LGBT health issues and AIDS, demographics of the gay and lesbian population, and topics in which science impacts the gay community to local, state, and national governmental bodies and educational forums ”

I’d like to learn more about them, and, if you’re gay and/or skeptic, I hope you’ll find them interesting also.


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