Right to Petition v. Right to Privacy

Here’s a question for you. If you signed a petition to put a law on an upcoming ballot, should your name be publicised?

This is a question before the USSC. In Washington State, a petition has gone around to repeal the Domestic Partnership laws passed. Knowthyneighbor.org has, in several instances of anti-gay movements, posted signers of petitions online. In response, Protect Marriage Washington moved to prevent this.

My only position on this is consistency. I don’t think there should be special cases where you can publish sometimes, but not others. I can understand the arguments in both camps. I try to think about it in terms of me signing the petition, or it being a petition that didn’t directly effect me. Be focusing on how it effects me, I can honestly say emotions would cloud my judgement.

So, my question to you is, where do you stand? Should all signers of all petitions have their names publicized, or held confidentially?

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