Home-buying and Superstition

Well, I’ve started the home-buying process today-hardcore. I’ve put my first (and hopefully last) contract on a potential dwelling. Now, there are a series of factors that go in to purchasing a home, and I had to refer to my “Homebuying for Dummies” handbook.

So, my realtor explained to me the process. It’s bank-owned, and that can cause a hiccup or two. Primarily, I’ve qualified with my bank to purchase, but I have to also qualify for Bank XYZ also. I think I made it in by the skin of my teeth with my bank, I’m not sure about XYZ.

I’ve also submitted my bid. I went in a little under the asking price. I think I got the first bid in, which starts the clock. Hopefully, time will expire before other bids are put in. I’m afraid of being outbidded. And with it being bank-owned, they don’t do escalation clauses. Its as simple as “What can you handle?”. BTW, if you don’t know what an escalation clause is, that’s when you say “I want to pay 120k, but if I get outbidded, up my bid. I can handle paying 130k”. Like I said before, I went in low. I can find out if there are other bids out there, but I can’t find out how much they are.

Well, now we are to the point when superstition comes in. I can’t say I’ve been really superstitious, but, looking back, I can see some of the superstitions I’ve had, and its really kinda wild.

Well, if you don’t know EXACTLY what a supersition is, let me inform you. Superstition is the notion that doing something will effect the outcome of an unrelated event. Like, painting your fingernails green will cause you to get more money, red will cause you to pay more money. Wearing a lucky shirt to a job interview will help you get the job. Wearing a team jersey will help that team win.

So, now on to my superstition. My superstition is wanting something will prevent it from happening. Not wanting something will cause it. So, if there’s something I want, I have to convince myself that I don’t want it. That way, my “bad luck” will kick in, and cause me to get it.

Now, if that’s not totally self-depricating and masochistic, I don’t know what is. I’m trying to be optomistic and hopeful. Not for good luck, but for a beneficial statistcal outcome. Not that any amount of hoping, wanting, wishing, wearing, dancing, or any unrelated event will have any effect on the outcome, but I can still have hopes and dreams.



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