I Don’t Believe in Evolution

Do you believe in evolution? You shouldn’t.

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!! PUT DOWN THOSE TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS! I’m not advocating Intelligent Design, Creationism, Creation Science, or Thalien Cosmological Genesis.

Do you believe you’re lucky? Do you believe you’re smart? Do you believe you’re secure? Can you proove you’re lucky, smart, or secure? These are all things relative. If the worst sickness  you’ve had is checken pox, you’re luckier than someone who got vaccinated, but still got the measles. You may have a few letters behind your name. There’s someone with an entire alphabet behind theirs. You may be secure, but the security at Fort Knox would run circles around your system.

Also, when beliefs are challenged, it causes a massive upheaval in your way of thinking. Be lucky, but get struck by lightning. Be smart, but flunk a test. Be secure, but get  held up. When these things happen, it rocks your world.

Now, on to the question  you’ve all been waiting for…Why don’t I believe in evolution.

I don’t believe in evolution because its not something to be believed in. It’s a set of theories (conclusions based on previous evidence, predictions, and experiments) which explains the biodeversity of the world. Its not something to be believed, its something to be accepted.

So, what’s the difference between being believed and accepted?

You’re dog is the smartest dog in the world. (belief)

You just lost your job. (accept)

You married the most attractive person on the planet. (belief)

You just got the house you are trying to buy. (accept)

Also, if next year, someone comes along, and says, “I have a theory that proves evolution wrong!” and all the scientists looked over it, and couldn’t find any problems with it, I would discard evolution and go with the newer theory.

So, in conclusion, when someone asks you, “Do you believe in evolution?”, look them square in the eye, and proudly proclaim, “No, I don’t believe in evolution, but I accept it.”


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