Kids These Days

Our world is changing, fast. Some of the stuff that we had when we were children will be completely ancient compared to what children now are exposed to. A video game not in 3 dimensions? Buying a physical item to listen to music? Not paying to watch television? HAVING to call someone for a short message? A dial tone? These are all things that children may not expereince anymore.

I’m about as old as Nintendo. While I’m sure some readers predate Nintendo and Atari both, I remember having just 2 dimensions to move my little man in. And you only had 3 lives. Now, technically, you only get one life, but you can find a save point, pick up where you left off, and try again.

I’m sure kids are aware that music is still sold in stores, but only mom and dad do that. The cutting edge kids get their music from the internet (legally). Why should I have to pester mom and dad to take me all the way to the store to buy a CD, full of songs I don’t want to hear, when I just want that ONE song!

Yes, I know mom and dad pay the bills, I just don’t care. As long as I can get my 500 channels of all day, everyday cartoons. I don’t know what I’d do if I only had to deal with…3 channels (SHREIK!)

Bobby: u cmng ovr?

Tommy: yeah be thr sun

Bobby: ok c u l8r

And, what’s this whole, check for a dial tone crap? You enter the number, hit send, and it calls. I might have a bad connection, but I can take as long as I want.

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